Arrive in America ready to spend

Open a bank account and get a virtual debit card with your student visa in less than 3 minutes.

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Create your bank account before arriving to the US

With Aster you can open a US bank account in minutes with only:

1. Passport

2. Student Visa

3. Student Email

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Don't travel with cash

With Aster and a virtual debit card, you can start spending immediately. Whether it's a quick lunch after your flight or buying dorm supplies, there's no need to carry cash.

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Aster guides you through the US banking system

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Track spend & create budgets

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Earn rewards on purchases

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Receive discounts on products & services

Easily transfer money to the US

With Aster's mobile app you'll know how to wire money from your home country in just a few clicks.

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No monthly fees

With Aster there are no overdraft. No minimum balance. No monthly fees. No foreign transaction fees. ATM Reimbursement.

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Phone: 469-394-7117

Location: 50 Murray Street, New York NY 10007

Aster is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by carefully chosen Members FDIC partner banks.

Deposits in Aster checking and savings accounts are held by our Members FDIC partner banks. Learn more here. The Aster Debit Cards are issued by our partner banks, pursuant to licenses from our card network.